About RallyCore

RallyCore: Inspired by Passion
Randall's PrototypeThe spirit of RallyCore started in 2009. Randall Walker's automotive passion inspired him to create the first rally computer prototype from excess inventory. This computer could read in various sensors of the vehicle and was not only programed to be a simple TSD computer but also a maintenance log for his own car.

The Dream Spec
Randall spoke with many co-drivers and drivers about what their ultimate rally computer would be. Being involved with crewing for various performance rally teams, he had the opportunity to compile the "dream spec" directly from those who actively participate in the sport:

Crewing 1Crewing 2Crewing 3

As crazy as it sounded, it made sense. If the intercom knew what was happening in the rally it could automatically switch modes from stage to transit, it could alert the driver or co-driver of problems and could make the life of the co-driver much easier. Randall knew that he had the skill set to fulfill the vision with his experience in audio, low level digital electronics, programing and passion for rally.

RallyCore Is Born!
Randall's Prototype InstalledRandall assembled a team of engineers and experienced ralliers. Soon the very first XSI prototype was created. The prototype debutted at NEFR at the hands of Jermey Neyhart and William Petrow of Broken Motorsports. Their product evaluation aided in perfecting the interactive flow between driver, co-driver and computer throughout the rally.

RallyCore: Proven Success
Aaron CrescentiAaron Crescenti, a co-driver with considerable experience in the US and Canada, was instrumental in the development of the computer. He took one of the very first production models with him to the 2012 International Rally of Thailand. On his return, Aaron said “it was nice that the computer took care of so much, that [he] could concentrate on just giving the notes”.

Rally Thailand Rally Core StickerRally Thailand Crescenti windowRally Thailand Rally Core Install

If your co-driver is able to focus more on notes, the audio is crystal clear, the computer seems to disappear, all focus is now on the task at hand- go fast and win rallies. We are here to help at the core of rally, RallyCore.

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